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SDxCentral Weekly News Roundup — March 4, 2016

by SDxCentral

Mar 05, 2016

Dell’s post-EMC lineup, plus headlines from RSA. Visit us at for the complete article.


Intel & HyTrust Share their Top Security Management Advice in this Special Webinar! Sign Up Now!

by SDxCentral

Mar 05, 2016

You simply cannot miss this HyTrust webinar where the key elements for a secure & compliant data center will be presented.

Security Gets Better With Linux Containers, Twistlock Claims

by Craig Matsumoto

Mar 05, 2016

Just do the policy math. Visit us at for the complete article.


MEF Moves up the Stack With Menezes as CTO

by Scott Raynovich

Mar 05, 2016

Pascal Menezes, ex of Microsoft, is the MEF’s first CTO. Visit us at for the complete article.



Donald Trump Is Winning Instagram by Being Himself: A Big Troll

by Laura Mallonee

19 hours ago

Instagram has always been the friendly, open, and inclusive social media platform. Someone forgot to tell Trump that. The post ..


This Air Purifier Has Brains and Doesn’t Look Like Garbage

by April Glaser

19 hours ago

Take a deep breath, and try an intelligent air purifier to help you clear the air. The post This Air Purifier Has Brains and …


Never Miss a Thing: Sign Up for WIRED’s Newsletter Now

by Alessandra Ram

19 hours ago

Get the best stories from WIRED, delivered to your inbox daily. The post Never Miss a Thing: Sign Up for WIRED’s Newsletter Now …


While You Were Offline: Well, Now We’ve Seen a Man’s Soul Leave His Body on Live TV

by Graeme McMillan

19 hours ago

Once again, Kanye West ignited the Internet with a Twitter exchange this week. But it was politics that really prevented people …


WAN speak


Business Of All Sizes Should Make Multi-Cloud The Norm

by Zeus Kerravala

Feb 19, 2016

Many businesses, small- to mid-size ones in particular, strive to consolidate the number of vendors they use. Going to a single ..

Every Business Should Do A Cloud Consumption Audit

by Zeus Kerravala

Feb 03, 2016

The topic of WAN transformation has been a hot topic over the past couple of years. In fact, earlier this year, Mark Haranas,


One, Two, Five — no, Three! — SD-WAN Demos for #NFD11

by Chris Rogers

Jan 28, 2016

On January 21st, the entourage of delegates for Networking Field Day 11 descended on Silver Peak headquarters in Santa Clara, …


What’s Inhibiting SD-WAN Adoption?

by Jim Metzler

Jan 18, 2016

Everybody in IT is aware of the hype cycle that surrounds the introduction of new technologies and architectures such as a …