Partner Program

Our partnerships combine involvement in the technology network innovation marketplace with industry-leading IT vendors to deliver innovative, integrated solutions.

With our expertise in networking and infrastructure integration and deployment, we can help you build and deliver a better infrastructure blueprint. We can assist you with a range of IT infrastructure solutions that includes architecture, design, procurement, integration, deployment, relocation and migration services.

We can define an optimal IT infrastructure strategy based on SDN to support your future plans, help quickly implement it within your organisation and start you on the road to achieving competitive advantage. We ensure you have an IT infrastructure to help meet your business objectives.

Leverage our skills, experience and selected alliance partnerships across multiple networking and software platforms. Our solutions can help you enable your business initiatives and increase productivity.

Sales Partners

This is currently in development and will be updated soon

Technology/Development Partners

SoftnetX will partner with application development companies in various verticals to take advantage of in order to meet customer requirements for custom application software for SDN and cloud related applications.

This is currently in development and will be updated soon